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Death Bubba Kush
Death Bubba Kush September 24, 2018

I ordered a OZ of this and to be straight found it really dry and crispy. Not a good taste and I am a Huge Green Society Advocate! This 1 way off its mark. Really expected knock me on my ass and I have been adding Shatter to make it taste better and not so harsh.
Written by: Matthew
CBD René
CBD René September 24, 2018

Best CBD strain ever. Day time functionality, great taste and smells sweet & fresh.
Written by: Greybush

I loved this strain for night time it was great for my insomnia and anxiety.
Written by: Martinez

Written by: ShweryD
Black Tuna by Buddha Boat
Black Tuna by Buddha Boat September 22, 2018

very good smoke . highly recommend
Written by: jb

I really enjoyed 4 different grams of live resin from diamonds they have a quality product with good pricing.
Written by: Martinezx2017x

I love the high from this strain. Taste was exceptional
Written by: Martinezx2017x

I have ordered plenty of items from GS and tbh Sour Bubba stood out. I usually don't order the same twice but I did with sour Bubba even considering a threepeat
Written by: Martinezx2017x

This was one of the first things I ordered and because it was that good I ordered lots from diamond Concentrates the grape tasted like pure candy top notch
Written by: Martinezx2017x
Northern Lights
Northern Lights September 21, 2018

This is a special one. Absolutely crushed stress, it'll leave you in a euphoric, blissful state. Received as sample, now a new favourite.
Written by: kermit821
Gorilla Glue #4
Gorilla Glue #4 September 17, 2018

Wow! Amazing smell, tastes great. Incredible head high that smoothly transitions into a good mellow indica feeling.
Written by: Ray
Cheese Quake
Cheese Quake September 17, 2018

Good stuff, not too potent, more of a day time smoke, but amazing taste and smell.
Written by: Dptinner