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Super Silver Haze
Super Silver Haze March 16, 2018

amazing sweet earthy smell and taste. Buds are dense and have major trichomes. Definitely one of the best strains i have smoked because northern lights is godly.
Written by: Macc
Mataro Blue
Mataro Blue March 16, 2018

Honestly I regret getting this. From the few reviews and the description it seemed like it would be a good idea to splurge on a half ounce and use some points I saved up... the buds were not tight but fluffy and filled with leaves. Smell was not explosive it just smelt like above average weed, high was not balanced I had to double check to make sure it was a hybrid because I became annoyed as I hate Sativas on their own and this straight up just feels like a Sativa. I have ordered quite a few times and will continue to, but this strain definitely isn't for me.
Written by: Mitchymitch
Crimea Blue
Crimea Blue March 16, 2018

This stuff if what you want. Great price, great buds, great high. Excellent.
Written by: Mitchymitch
2 Ounce AA+ Mix And Match March 16, 2018

Got the tuna, was skeptical at the price. This stuff is absolutely the chronic 😎, top notch quality buds and more so what I'd expect from a more expensive product. Extremely satisfied
Written by: Dptinner

Written by: amigamonique
Pink Kush
Pink Kush March 14, 2018

This product is really nice. It’s potent with a smooth nice taste. First few pulls will have you feeling nice!
Written by: Christopher Sarju
Honeycomb Budder
Honeycomb Budder March 14, 2018

My first time smoking budder. I've had so so honey oil years ago but this budder is amazing!!! 3 tokes of it last night after Death Bubba I had a strong overwhelming buzz rush my body and I just leaned back and enjoyed it!!! Very smooth and a sweet flavour!!! Awesome price, and 1 gram lasts a long time.
Written by: sscuscles

Great way to try out some AAAA flower :).
Written by: Jeremy Schalm
Red Lemon Congo
Red Lemon Congo March 13, 2018

This stuff is unbelievable , very very strong lemon scent that I could smell all day and very smooth when smoking 10/10 would recommend
Written by: nathancampbell4
Red Lemon Congo
Red Lemon Congo March 13, 2018

Very nice lemon taste and a sweet lemony smell to it. The buds have a lot of crystal and have very good shape to them with a lot of nice red hairs. Overall it is very worth the price if you are looking for top line medicating
Written by: Macc
Doob Toobs
Doob Toobs March 11, 2018

These are great for your doobies when your out on the town. Keeps them dry and intact.
Written by: sscuscles

Great taste, great high. Will definitely be getting these again
Written by: SPLOFF