Phyto Disposable Vaporizer Pens


As one of the top-tier, premium procurers and producers of concentrates in Canada, Phyto Extractions has a big name to live up to. These former Karma Cup winners have swept competition away and won numerous awards across Canada for their top of the line shatter, live resin, vaporizer pens and more! There is no exception with these Phyto Disposable Vaporizer Pens. Not only are they made using pure 99% THC distillate and real terpenes, they’re also housed in superior BBTANK technology disposable rechargable batteries. Every disposable vaporizer pen contains 1.0mL of a terpene-rich distillate combination that is smooth, flavourful and potent. Each unit can be recharged by an un-screwable port hidden on the bottom of the vaporizer pen.

CONTENTS 1x BBTANK Disposable Vaporizer Pen
EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted, Euphoric, Giggly & Hungry
MEDICAL EFFECTS Stress, Depression, Lack of Appetite & Pain


Earn up to 70 Points.

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