How Hemp Oil Can Help Your Hair

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Stimulate Hair Growth

If you are looking to lengthen your hair, hemp oil may be able to help you with this thanks to the fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and 9, which help to stimulate hair growth and can add inches to your current length. The natural proteins in hemp oil will aid the production of keratin, which will also help hair grow.


Strengthens Hair To Prevent Damage

Those same fatty acids and proteins that stimulate hair growth can also strengthen your hair to prevent damage. Gamma Linoleic Acid, or GLA, an all-natural chemical in hemp oil that can be a good help for fighting split ends and dry, brittle hair.



Hemp oil contains lipids that can moisturize your hair. That moisture keeps your hair flexible and shiny. Your hair will always absorb lipids. The more lipids your hair absorbs, the healthier and more manageable it will become.


More Body

Hemp oil can add more body to your hair with the combination of growth, strength and moisture it provides. Your hair will look healthier and will be easier to style.


Treats & Prevents Dandruff

Extreme dryness on the surface of your scalp can also cause itching and discomfort. Hemp oil can help manage the symptoms of dandruff as well as the flakes themselves. It can prevent dandruff by opening the blood vessels in your scalp, increasing circulation while also moisturizing your scalp to prevent flakes.
This combination of circulation and moisturization can help treat and clear up existing dandruff while also preventing it from returning.


Cures Scalp Infections

Dry, itchy, dandruff-prone skin can lead to painful scalp infections if left untreated. Moisturizing power of the omegas and GLA in hemp oil can cure an existing infection and prevent itchy skin from forming again.


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