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Why Should You Buy Weed Online?

Buy Weed Online at Green Society

Canada is one of the largest countries which recently legalized marijuana last October 2018. And due to this, a lot of online marijuana dispensaries are now at every buyer’s beck and call for their recreational and medicinal marijuana needs.   Alberta and Quebec have a minimum legal age requirement of 18 years and above while […]

THC vs CBD: Whats the Difference?


Cannabis is made up of various different components. In addition to the terpenoids and flavonoids that set strains apart, each cannabis plant also contains a wealth of cannabinoids. These are chemical compounds which can each give a range of effects when consumed by humans. Although there are over a hundred cannabinoids in cannabis, the two […]

Best Sativa Strains for Depression

Medical marijuana is becoming more popular as more people discover the incredible effects of cannabis. But while it’s widely known for helping with things like pain, stress, and migraines, marijuana can also help with depression. A study found that just a couple of puffs of weed could instantly relieve depression symptoms. Sativa strains are particularly […]

What Makes Mail Order Marijuana Such a Popular Method of Buying Weed Online?


Mail-order marijuana, or MOM for short, has been an acclaimed cannabis delivery service in Canada since 2013. A household name in the courier industry, Canada Post, has also been shipping medicinal cannabis to commissioned patients since 2013. While purchasing cannabis through mail-order weed services are considered a novelty system in the United States, buying weed […]

The Do’s, Don’ts and Everything Else You Should Know about Shipping Weed


Shipping weed in Canada has been the most convenient form of getting recreational and medicinal cannabis from all 13 provinces and territories comprising the country. When it comes to getting high-quality cannabis strains and cannabis-infused products, choosing an excellent online marijuana mail service is important. There are factors to consider when choosing the mail-order marijuana […]

Where Can I Get Some Quality Weed Online in Canada?

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Cannabis is getting more popular in Canada especially after its recent legalization last 2018. And this is because of the p lant’s healing prowess. However, the quality of the strain will make a difference in the ability to cure. Suffice to say; a low-quality strain won’t cut the mustard. And if edibles are your cup […]

How to Choose the Right Weed Online

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A lot of marijuana experts can figure out the type of strains through its leaves, form, height, smell, THC, and CBD content. Probably having smoked or ingested cannabis their entire life, it’s no surprise how skillfully they can pinpoint the different marijuana strains like the palm of their hand. For the more inexperienced, being able […]

Top 15 Cannabis Brands In Canada

Top 15 Cannabis Brands In Canada

As the cannabis market grows in Canada, so does the range of cannabis products available to users. There are now many cannabis brands in Canada which offer different strains, edibles, tinctures, topicals, vape products, and all kinds of other ways to use cannabis. Consumers now have a huge selection, and you can even buy all […]

Buy Weed Online: Basic Shipping Regulations to Know


Canada Post has been shipping medical marijuana since 2013. Following the legalization of cannabis last October 2018, numerous online weed dispensaries have also emerged and are still increasing even at the time of writing. That’s because buying weed online has more benefits and more buying freedom than buying from a retail cannabis store. Canadians, over […]