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Cannabis Strains That Help Treat Alcoholism

After a night of drinking too much, chances are that you’ll wake up with a terrible feeling looming over you. You know that feeling. Imagine being an alcoholic and feeling that every day, only to treat it with more drinks. The side effects of alcoholism are terrible and life-threatening. Alcohol abuse can ruin many things […]

The Benefits of CBD for Chronic Pain

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD stands for cannabinoids. Unlike other cannabinoids, however, it doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects. Cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers and buds of marijuana or hemp plants and is used to treat quite a range of health issues, including but not limited to chronic pain. CBD oil is made with the extract taken from the […]

The Considerable Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

Doctor checking up on patient

On the eastern side of the world, hemp oil has been used as a natural remedy for quite a variety of health conditions. Unfortunately, it has not been as well-received in the west, where many people believe marijuana to be dangerous. Although hemp oil contains negligible amounts of THC and doesn’t result in the same […]

Best Provinces in Canada for Weed

Best Canada Provinces Weed

Canada’s recent legalization means that adults can now enjoy weed all over the country. In addition to various government and private stores opening up, you can also buy weed online for delivery no matter where you are. But whether you’re a resident or thinking of taking a trip, you might want to check out some […]

How to Understand How Much Weed You’re Getting

Joint on Weed

It’s good to know what measurements weed is usually sold in because if you’re going to buy it, knowing what each weight looks like and usual costs can help you avoid getting less than you paid for. Weed is usually sold in grams, eighths, a quarter, and in ounces. We’ll go over each one so […]

Buying Canadian Weed: What You Should Know

Buying Canadian Weed

New marijuana laws in Canada went into effect on October 17th, 2018. The new cannabis laws make buying Canadian weed easy for both recreational and medical needs. You don’t need a medical card or a prescription, all you need is proof of age and you can buy from any local marijuana store or online. It’s […]

How to Pass a Drug Test Fast

New marijuana laws

New marijuana laws mean weed is more legally and socially acceptable than ever. However, many workplaces and organizations are still able to carry out random drug tests. Although the effects of weed will wear off within a few hours (or a few more when using edibles), marijuana metabolites can remain in your system for a […]

10 Most Popular Edibles Online

10 Most Popular Edibles Online

Marijuana edibles are a great choice for any weed lover. They come in many forms, they taste good, and they give you some of the most potent effects. The high from edibles is powerful and long-lasting, sometimes giving you effects for 8 to 12 hours. You can enjoy all of the soothing physical and mental […]