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Everything You Need to Know About Legally Ordering Weed Online


The populace is divided. While some prefer getting cannabis medication from retail cannabis stores, others don’t want to meddle with this distinct way of cannabis purchase. Some people take their privacy very seriously and prefer to order marijuana online through online weed dispensaries conveniently. Online marijuana dispensaries in Canada, like Green Society, are government-regulated which […]

Canada Marijuana Growing Laws 2019

Canada Marijuana Growing Laws 2019

Growing marijuana is a fantastic idea for any weed lover, but you’ll need to know the Canada marijuana growing laws in 2019. Each province sets its own guidelines when it comes to marijuana laws. Growing is illegal in Quebec and Manitoba, and while most other provinces allow you to grow your own weed freely, there […]

How to Find the Best Deals and Discounts When Buying Weed Online

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October 17, 2018, was the day of pure joy and freedom for all cannabis supporters. Canada is the second nation to legalize medical and recreational marijuana. This significant step is a great achievement considering Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. Now, all that’s left of the people in Canada is how […]

Best Provinces in Canada for Weed

Best Canada Provinces Weed

Canada’s recent legalization means that adults can now enjoy weed all over the country. In addition to various government and private stores opening up, you can also buy weed online for delivery no matter where you are. But whether you’re a resident or thinking of taking a trip, you might want to check out some […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Weed Online in Canada

buying weed online

The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Weed Online in Canada Are you pressed for time and can’t make it to the dispensary in person? Or do you just not like the idea of going into a weed shop? Don’t worry. Canada offers the sale of safe, legal weed, edibles, and more online. Check out this article […]

Marijuana Legalization Laws Per Province in Canada

canada marijuana laws per province

Canada marijuana legalization laws go into effect as of 17 October 2018. For the most part, anyone 19 or above will be able to buy and grow marijuana legally, but this will vary depending on your location. On a federal level, Canada Cannabis laws state that adults 18 years of age or above can possess […]

Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

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As per Canadian laws, marijuana is classified as Schedule II drug under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, which means that unless otherwise regulated for production and distribution for medical purposes, it is subject to offenses under that Act. Possessing and selling marijuana remains illegal and dispensaries & compassion clubs are not allowed to sell […]