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How To Tell If Your Vape Oil Is High Quality

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Cannabis is an up-and-coming market that is performing well in the medical field. People are using cannabis oil to treat all sorts of things, ranging from chronic pain and anxiety to seizures. There are many different ways to take cannabis oil. You can ingest it, drink it, and even inhale it through vape pens. Vaping […]

Cannabis Strains That Help Treat Alcoholism

After a night of drinking too much, chances are that you’ll wake up with a terrible feeling looming over you. You know that feeling. Imagine being an alcoholic and feeling that every day, only to treat it with more drinks. The side effects of alcoholism are terrible and life-threatening. Alcohol abuse can ruin many things […]

The Benefits of CBD for Chronic Pain

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD stands for cannabinoids. Unlike other cannabinoids, however, it doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects. Cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers and buds of marijuana or hemp plants and is used to treat quite a range of health issues, including but not limited to chronic pain. CBD oil is made with the extract taken from the […]

How Hemp Oil Can Help Your Hair

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Stimulate Hair Growth If you are looking to lengthen your hair, hemp oil may be able to help you with this thanks to the fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and 9, which help to stimulate hair growth and can add inches to your current length. The natural proteins in hemp oil will aid the production […]

How to Understand How Much Weed You’re Getting

Joint on Weed

It’s good to know what measurements weed is usually sold in because if you’re going to buy it, knowing what each weight looks like and usual costs can help you avoid getting less than you paid for. Weed is usually sold in grams, eighths, a quarter, and in ounces. We’ll go over each one so […]

How to Pass a Drug Test Fast

New marijuana laws

New marijuana laws mean weed is more legally and socially acceptable than ever. However, many workplaces and organizations are still able to carry out random drug tests. Although the effects of weed will wear off within a few hours (or a few more when using edibles), marijuana metabolites can remain in your system for a […]

The Benefits Of Buying Your Weed Online

buying online

Weed is now legal in most states and countries, which means that the demand for it has been going through the roof. Nowadays, you don’t have to sneak around to buy weed anymore. You can just walk to any reputable shop that’s been popping up in every town and city. That’s super convenient for everyone […]

What to Know & How to Buy Weed in Canada Now That It’s Legal

The legalization of weed for recreational use in all 10 Canadian provinces is, well, dope! Ever since the government voted to end prohibition in June, we’ve seen hundred-million-dollar deals executed by cannabis companies countrywide.   With Canada joining Uruguay as the world’s second nationwide recreational marijuana market, it’s time to immerse it into the culture. […]

The Benefits of Marijuana

A lot of anti-marijuana activists believe that marijuana transforms good, valuable members of society into angry individuals with greasy hair and no future. However, that is most definitely not the case. Quite a few American states have legalized marijuana for personal use, and even more states have legalized it for medical use. Research on the […]

Why Mail Order Weed is Awesome

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Recreational marijuana has recently been legalized in Canada amid the cheers of users. This means that it’s easier than ever to get your hands on your favorite weed products. You don’t have to go through all the hassle of getting approved for medical use or even finding a local dealer to make transactions in dark […]